GARSPORT is a renowned Italian producer of classic outdoor footwear for all activities.  It also boasts a separate Safety division.

The company was established in 1972 by its founders, Diego Garbuio and Gabriella Favotto, two passionate craftspeople who decided to set up a small footwear production business making mountain shoes.  A never-ending commitment to quality production and research into new materials combined with constantly increasing knowledge on boots production techniques, led GARSPORT to diversify its production and move into new product areas such as trekking, everyday outdoor, and safety shoes – and also to become the production partner for many of the leading brands in the outdoor and safety industries.

The continuous research into new materials and the unstinting control of the daily manufacturing process at all company facilities, guarantees an excellent and consistent quality standard.  This ensures the durability of the products, making them robust enough for the toughest use.   These fundamental principles underpin the Garsport philosophy.

A professional and reliable Customer Service, together with an ever-growing presence in the market, have brought GARSPORT a solid reputation in international markets. Customers are discerning and selective in their choice of footwear and typically seek a good balance between quality and price.  The GARSPORT ranges do not disappoint.

Many GARSPORT products are fitted with world-leading VIBRAM outsoles to match the environments in which the boots will be used.

Thanks to an Italian style design ethos, matched to market requirements and different technical requests, GARSPORT started to produce a range of footwear under its own brand in 2010.  New ranges of “GARSPORT” branded footwear have since been launched into the market in both Outdoor and Safety categories.  Each offers a significant choice choice of models for specific functions and uses.

Outdoor Categories:  Mountaineer | Backpacking | Trekking-Hiking | Fast Hiking-Free Time | Approach Hiking-Low | Multi-Function | Field Sports | Junior | Green ECO

Safety Categories:  BOA System + Michelin | Michelin Technical | Safe Line | Ultra Light | Full Protection | Heavy Duty | Hero | Cyclone | Summer Light | Linea Standard | Soft Composite


Safety Shoes Guide to the norms.

All GARSPORT footwear models are produced according to the EEC instructions 89/686 dated 21st December 1989 and/or Regulation UE 2016/425.

GARSPORT footwear complies with EN ISO 20345:2011 or UNI EN ISO 20345:2012 norm that fix detailed lists of safety footwear with resistance of a steel toe cap at 200 J. It also fixes all additional basic requirements for the products.

Shoes that comply with the above mentioned norms, also define the standards for safety footwear EN ISO 20347:2012, UNI EN ISO 20347:2012 for professional use.

The basic requirements can be summarized as follows:

SB–PB-OB: shoe with basic requirements
S1–P1–O1: like SB/PB/OB integrated by heel area closed, antistatic properties, energy absorption of heel region
S2-P2–O2likeS1/P1/O1: integrated by water penetration and absorption
S3–P3–O3likeS2/P2/O2: integrated by resistance to perforation and con- toured sole

S4–P4–O4: antistatic properties, energy absorption of heel region
S5–P5–O5 like S4/P4/O4: integrated by resistance to perforation and contoured sole.