CTX 650 WORKPRO Industrial-Grade Safety Foot-Grips by COOLTRAXX

CTX 650 WORKPRO Industrial-Grade Safety Foot-Grips by COOLTRAXX

CTX WORKPRO is the world’s leading Work-Place Over-Boot Foot-Grip offers the choice of 6 different inter-changeable stud cassettes:

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Sizes Available:  M  |  L  |  XL

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CoolTraxx CTX 650 WORKPRO is the world’s leading heavy duty work-grip and has been designed specifically for work boots, to provide the maximum safety in slippery and unstable conditions at work.

Specially shaped and available in 3 expandable sizes, WORKPRO fits almost all specifications of work-boots from size 6 up to size 14! And the rugged sole pattern is designed to handle the toughest of conditions and to give broad support under-foot.

The full range of inter-changeable CTX Stud Cassettes is shown on this website.  Stud cassettes are available in packs of 6 and are available to purchase separately to suit different or changing outdoor conditions.  Please specify your stud cassette requirements with order.

It is the availability of specially designed safety-conscious stud cassettes that make this grip the world leader it has become. For the first time, there is a winter foot-grip that can be safely worn in electrically charged environments such as live-rail where operatives can work safely in the knowledge that WORKPRO will resist an electrical impact of up to 18,000 volts! – as tested by SATRA Technology. It is also applicable where aircraft re-fuelling and engineering operations need to be carried out in extreme weather conditions, without the risk of sparking from studs and where aircraft engineers can safely walk onto the flight-deck without removing their grips and without causing damage to the aircraft floor! WORKPRO should be also worn where fuel and gas engineers are working in potentially explosive situations.



CTX is the world-leading Winter Snow & Ice and all-terrain, all-season Traction Foot-Grip range. The unique foot-grip technology has at its heart, the patent-controlled CTX inter-changeable Stud Cassette System that has changed forever the way we look at winter and all-season foot-grip safety. Different overshoe models are available and different stud cassettes are available for multiple recreational activities from walking the dog in the muddy park to fishing to backpacking on slippery terrains. Industrial overshoe models and cassettes are also available, providing secure footing for emergency services in snow & ice or flood and deep water conditions, non-sparking capability for the fuel & gas and aviation industries and electrical non-conducting capability for live-rail environments. CTX is a wholly-owned division of Cooltraxx International

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Stud Cassette Type

Bi-Directional, Multi-Core, Xtreme-Spiker, Pyramid, Multi-Hex, Rubber Stud


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