CTX ACTIVE is the second of the rugged Work-Grips in the COOLTRAXX CTX premium industrial grip range.

This stylish, high-quality grip is at home in just about every outdoor winter work-place environment and provides outstanding anti slip performance on uneven and slippery surfaces like snow, ice, mud, wet grass, scree, woodland cover. CTX ACTIVE can be safely worn with all work shoes and light weight boots and can be ordered with different grip chassis materials to suit particular conditions or environments, for example NITRILE where fuel & oil resistant qualities are demanded.

Each pair of ACTIVE grips is supplied with a full set of 6 BI-DIRECTIONAL, EXTREME SPIKER or MULTI-CORE stud cassettes to suit your specific needs.  Please make your selection with order.  Additional stud cassette models are available to purchase separately to suit different or changing outdoor conditions.

NB: Shoes and boots shown are not included in the purchase.

The CoolTraxx CTX System

The CTX inter-changeable Stud Cassette System from COOLTRAXX has changed the way we look at the winter and all-season foot-grip market forever.

Design & patent controlled internationally, the globally unique CTX inter-changeable stud cassette system is the new breakthrough in foot-grip safety performance. The world’s first fully inter-changeable, multi-purpose system means that the user can now tackle all conditions and all environments with one pair of grips. With this new system the wearer can move about on different surfaces – even walk indoors or drive – simply by changing the cassette model!

The main chassis construction for all models in the COOLTRAXX range has a purposely integrated lock-fit design to firmly secure the CTX cassette holder system in place and the overshoe chassis styles have been developed with the specific user and footwear types in mind. The multi-type cassettes can simply be snapped into place with the press of a thumb and a Security Locking Key acts as a unique tool for removing them so that inter-changeability or cassette replacement becomes a pleasurable and speedy change-over for different environments and uses. The system has been fully tested by SATRA Technology